Mass Healthcare Communication

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Simplify emails

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Pain Points Solved

A New Simplified Mobile Intranet

Counter healthcare burnout by simplifying internal communications

Medofi is the only mobile application & SaaS communication platform that streamlines your messaging into 3 categories - Messages, ToDo & Files, with distinctly defined and clearly stressed importance.

Actionable analytics to ensure employee compliance

Ensure communication engagement by individual employees or teams on their smartphones, and provide them with a easy to use tool to report on compliance.

A mobile platform to streamline communication, reduce email, save time for employees, and ensure compliance thus reducing burnout.

The gold standard for reducing digital overload and keeping employees connected. Move from having lots of emails to being results driven and drive productivity upstream.

Less Email. More Time. Ensure Compliance. Measure Response

We are a fully customized mobile application and SaaS platform driven to reduce employee burnout and use the technology of the future

There’s a major mismatch between the communications you’re sending and the communications your employees want.

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Studies of Professionals shows:

Mayo Clinic showed that 54.4% of physiciansreported at least one sign of burnout.

Our commitment to combat healthcare employees burnout without relaxing performance standards.

Today’s employees feel uninformed. 74% feel that they’re missing out on company information and news.


Eliminate Employee Burnout

Medofi is a platform that enables you to immediately de-clutter your employees’ email inbox. We are committed to simplifying communications.

SaveUp Time

For medium and large organizations – you can now organize your mass communication to employees into 3 simple categories:
Messages, ToDo & Files
You can help your employees save time for more efficient workflow.

How It Works

Medofi streamlines & prioritizes your digital communications into 3 categories (Messages, ToDo & Files) in our closed loop mobile application.


Access Medofi’s most advanced analytics driven by the combined intelligence of thousands of messages.


Cut the messaging fat. Save millions of dollars by allowing your employees more free time to act on critical messages.


Get new opportunities to punch through the noise to your employees and always know when they are in compliance.

Personal, dedicated
support team.

Our Partnership Success teams are the easiest people to reach, and they’re here to simplify your communications. Rely on us for quick action, immediate response, and technical help to keep you secure. We are with you to eliminate employee burnout.

Powerful Dashboard


Monitor compliance with a simpleTo use dashboard. Ensure all your employees are in compliance


Our results are measurable. Measure the effectiveness of the messages sent to employees

Meet Our Team

Djordje Lazic, CTO

Joe Wehbe, COO

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