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The need for quick and easy crisis communication has reached new levels because of COVID-19. Your workforce needs access to an efficient crisis communication solution now more than ever. MeDoFi, a crisis communication platform, addresses emergency communications, compliance, employee engagement, and message organization. Additionally, MeDoFi delivers robust data extraction and analysis. Discover a cost-effective, convenient, and effective solution to time-sensitive communications. Ready to learn more?

Why MeDoFi & Demo

MeDoFi is a mobile platform that streamlines urgent communications, reduces digital overload, saves time for employees, and ensures compliance.

Move from email overload to streamlined communications.

There’s a major mismatch between the communications you’re sending and the communications your employees want.

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Studies of Professionals shows:

Mayo Clinic showed that 54.4% of physicians reported at least one sign of digital fatigue.

Our commitment to combat healthcare employees digital overload without relaxing performance standards.

Today’s employees feel uninformed. 74% feel that they’re missing out on company information and news.


SaveUp Time

For medium and large organizations – you can now organize your mass communication to employees into 3 simple categories:
Messages, ToDo & Files
You can help your employees save time for more efficient workflow.

How It Works

Medofi streamlines and prioritizes your digital communications into 3 categories (Messages, ToDo, Files) in our closed loop mobile application.


Access Medofi’s most advanced analytics driven by the combined intelligence of thousands of messages.


Cut the messaging fat. Save money and time by allowing your employees more free time to act on critical messages.


Find new opportunities to engage your workforce and measure their interest.


Our dedicated support team is here to help you reach your company’s goals for efficient and succinct crisis communication. We offer immediate assistance with technical help or any questions that you may have. We are with you every step of the way.


Monitor compliance with a simpleTo use dashboard. Ensure all your employees are in compliance


Our results are measurable. Measure the effectiveness of the messages sent to employees

Meet Our Team

Djordje Lazic, CTO

Joe Wehbe, COO

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